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About the broadband network team.

Bringing reliable high-speed Internet
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The Island-Wide Broadband Network is a bold vision for Block Island. A culmination of years of work and a priority of the New Shoreham 2016 Comprehensive Plan, funding for the project was approved by voters in July 2020. Broadband BI will be the first Town-owned, townwide fiber network in Rhode Island.

The network is being developed as a partnership with two vendors, Sertex Broadband Solutions and Crocker Communications. It will expand the existing community anchor institution network’s aerial fiber-optic backbone to connect all homes and businesses on Block Island. Anyone propery owner who wants a fiber drop connection installed on their property to enable high-speed internet and related services like streaming TV and telephone should register now. The opportunity to sign-up and select services will be coming soon.

BroadbandBI — The Town of New Shoreham

The Town of New Shoreham is creating Rhode Island’s first municipally-owned fiber optic network, delivering high-speed Internet service directly to homes and businesses on Block Island. This network builds on the community anchor institution (CAI) network launched by the Town in 2019. It connects critical facilities, including the Block Island School, Block Island Medical Center, Island Free Library, Public Safety facilities, Town Hall and Block Island Utility District. Constructing and implementing a new fiber broadband network to serve residences and businesses leverages 144 dark fiber strands of the aerial 288 strand cable that forms the CAI network’s backbone and terminates at a Town-owned telecommunications building. The CAI network and telecommunications building deployed in 2019 was the first step toward an island-wide network using eight leased subsea fiber strands the Town leases from National Grid. The BroadbandBI network will be owned by the Town, operated and maintained by Sertex and Crocker Communications, overseen by the Town through the Town Council and Broadband Committee, and accounted for as an enterprise fund of the Town.

Sertex Broadband Solutions

Sertex is a Connecticut-based expert in fiber optic infrastructure deployment with more than three decades of experience providing leading-edge services to telecommunication, utility, and municipal customers. After working with New Shoreham to successfully complete the first phase of fiber broadband to its community anchor institutions, Sertex was chosen through a competitive bid process to build out and operate the fiber-to-the-home network. Sertex crews will be on-island throughout 2021 and are responsible for performing construction, installation, and maintenance services.

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Crocker Communications

Crocker is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for BroadbandBI. Located in western Massachusetts, the company has 50+ years of experience providing communications services, and 20+ years of experience providing Internet access. Crocker will handle all direct customer support for BroadbandBI including billing. When onsite maintenance is required, Crocker will dispatch the appropriate resources to effect repairs.

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