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Tips for Broadband During Power Outages

Tips for Broadband During Power Outages

During a widespread power outage, the core BroadbandBI network will stay active. In most cases when power lines get taken out by falling trees, fiber lines will remain intact. Fiber optic cable is also very sturdy and continues to work if it’s on the ground, buried or even immersed in water. The core network electronics are protected by a 24/7 backup generator that runs during power outages.

If you have a backup generator connected to the outlets where your network electronics and powered telephones are connected, when an outage occurs the power should switch over to the generator. Having a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup as well is recommended as it will manage any power fluctuations that may occur during the power transfer to the backup generator.

**If you do not have a backup generator: **

  • If you have BroadbandBI landline phone service and the network ONT is plugged into a battery backup unit (battery outlet rather than surge only outlet), your phone connection should stay active until the battery runs out. Wireless telephones that require AC power to function will not work, but analog telephones connected to the network ONT will be operational. If landline phone service is essential (e.g., for E911), then power down and disconnect all other devices from the UPS battery to maximize the battery run time for the telephone service.
  • If you are not getting phone service through Crocker Phone and are instead relying completely on your cell phone to make and receive calls you will not have WIFI calling service UNLESS the Wi-Fi router is connected to a UPS. As above, power down and disconnect devices connected to the UPS battery side to maximize battery run-time for Wi-Fi calling.
  • If you don’t currently have a backup generator or battery backup, consider purchasing a UPS. You will need a UPS unit to power BOTH the ONT and the wireless router if you want devices on your home network to continue operating during a power outage.

When you buy a UPS, consider how many devices you’ll be plugging into it and how long you want the stored power to last. Bigger can be better if you want continuous temporary power for your in-home network - especially if you plan on recharging your phone or other devices.

Check the FAQs for additional UPS information.

If you still need help, contact the Crocker customer service team:
Phone: 833-952-5625

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