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Network Equipment

These devices below are pre-configured by BroadbandBI and have no customizable settings.

ONT (Optical Network Terminal)

ADTRAN Micro Indoor ONT – Models 411 and 611
The primary distinction between the two models is that Model 411 includes a port for connection to BroadbandBI/Crocker landline phone service.

If any issues or suspected issues arise with the installed ONT, contact Crocker.

WI-FI Router

Model: SDG 834-5

The SmartRG Broadband Wi-Fi Router is your gateway to the internet and manages your Wi-Fi connectivity.

Download the Subscriber Quickstart Wi-Fi Setup Guide for step-by-step instructions to review and change Wi-Fi settings on a mobile device.

If you still need help, contact the Crocker customer service team:
Phone: 833-952-5625

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