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Before You Begin

  • If your location previously had broadband service, the customer premise equipment required for service may still be installed and connected. This would include two devices (ONT and router), and an ethernet cable connecting the two. See the Service Plans page Interior Equipment Installation and Activation section for a more detailed description of this equipment. If the equipment is in place, please include this information in the Comments section of the Service Application.

  • Please submit only one application for service per service location.
3 Steps to Subscribe for Fiber Broadband Service
  1. Find your unique BroadbandBI Location ID.This may or may not be the Fire # for the property. Use the BroadbandBI Location ID map to search on the property’s Fire # and find the BroadbandBI Location ID for the building where broadband service will be delivered.
    If you live in one of the island’s buildings that has multiple units or connections (e.g., businesses, apartments, condos, etc.) click here  for a property list. If you cannot find the location ID for your unit on the PDF, please email Sertex customer service.

  2. Review Service Plan options and pricing. Find the ideal plan and installation option that’s right for you. FAQ Section 8 lists the questions to consider when choosing the best internet speed for your needs.

  3. Sign Up for Broadband Service. Ready with your unique Broadband Location ID and know which service plan is right for you?

...or continue reading to learn What Happens Next below.

What Happens Next?
  1. When you submit the application, an auto-generated email is sent to you from  If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder.  If you don’t find it, contact Sertex.

  2. Your application will be reviewed for completeness and to determine whether your property is ready for service installation (e.g., the fiber drop to your premises was previously installed).

  3. If your application is complete and ready for service installation, Sertex will initiate creation of your Crocker service account. You should then receive a ‘Welcome’ email from Crocker Billing with instructions for logging in and completing your account setup. Once your billing account has been setup via the embedded link in the email, you can reach the Crocker Billing Portal at any time directly from the website. Check back soon for information on a new Help Center Crocker billing page.

  4. A Sertex Customer Service representative will reach out to you within the next several business days to schedule the date and time of your service installation or follow-up with you on any prerequisites that may be needed prior to scheduling.  During the scheduling call, Sertex will review some key information regarding the installation.

  5. Click here for a PDF with detailed information on how to prepare for your installation and what to expect at the time of installation.

  6. If you need to change or cancel your service installation appointment, please reach out to Sertex as soon as possible. If at least two (2) business days’ notice is not provided, a rescheduling fee of $135.00 will be charged for each service appointment missed. We cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for rescheduling.

  7. IMPORTANT INFORMATION if you subscribe to phone service:
  • Plan to have a phone available during installation for testing the voice service.

  • If you are transferring your existing phone number, you will be able to make outgoing calls only until your number is transferred (up to 14 days later). You will need to maintain your existing service until your number transfer has been completed and tested. If you cancel your existing provider service before confirming the number transfer, you will lose your existing phone number. Within a few days following your installation, you will receive an email from Crocker confirming the date and time of the phone number transfer.  Refer to FAQ Section 5: Telephone/VOIP for additional detail.

  • If you are getting a new number, your phone service will be active for both incoming and outgoing following installation.

  • At the time of installation, your phone service will be active at the ONT. If you would like Sertex to connect your new service to existing phone wiring/jacks, they can do this on a return trip for an additional charge.  If applicable, the return trip must be scheduled for a date subsequent to the phone number transfer.

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