Please register your property for a fiber cable drop ASAP!


Choose Your Service Plan and Sign Up Today

If subscriptions in your FSA are open here's what you need to do.

Before You Begin

  • Property owners: If you received an email inviting you to “sign up for broadband services,” the links in that communication are prepopulated with your Broadband Location ID. This is the simplest way to subscribe.
  • No email invitation? Follow the process below.
  • Please submit only one application for service per service location. You’ll receive a confirmation email from once you’ve subscribed. No confirmation email? Contact Sertex Broadband.
4 Steps to Subscribe for Fiber Broadband Service
  1. Check your Fiber Service Area to confirm if subscriptions are open.
  2. Find your unique Broadband Location ID.  To subscribe successfully, you must use the BroadbandBI-assigned Location ID for the building where service will be delivered. This may differ from the property’s Fire number “address” (e.g., for primary dwellings where the Fire # was assigned to an older dwelling on the parcel and for accessory dwellings with no Fire # or where the Fire # was recently assigned).
  3. Use the BroadbandBI Location ID map to search for your Fire number.
  4. If you live in one of the island’s buildings that has multiple units or connections (e.g., businesses, apartments, condos, etc.) click here for a property list. If you cannot find the location ID for your unit on the PDF, please email Sertex customer service.
  5. Review Service Plan options. Find the ideal plan that’s right for you.
  6. Sign Up for Broadband Service. Ready with your unique Broadband Location ID and know which service plan is right for you? Submit your subscription application now.


What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Need help paying for your broadband service? Once the BroadbandBI network is up and running, Crocker will apply for participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for Block Island.  The ACP is a federal government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help low-income households pay for internet service.

Learn more about the ACP benefits, eligibility and enrollment.


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