The deadline to register your property for a fiber cable drop is April 30, 2022!


Bringing Fiber Internet to Block Island

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Sertex crews and equipment are on-island, building the Town of New Shoreham’s (TNS) high-speed fiber optic cable network.

Project work for the Island-Wide Broadband network is progressing and crews are working hard on underground and aerial construction, while continuing conduit drops to premises. Building a fiber network is a complex, multi-phase process, including design/engineering, environmental permitting, and pole licensing - all of which are continually managed. Attention to these areas has created the framework for the customer installation work to begin as outlined in the latest project schedule.

If you haven't already registered, April 30th is the deadline to register for a fiber drop as part of the initial network buildout. To get started, enter your fire number here. Properties registering for drop installation after that date will be billed directly for all connection costs at the time of drop construction. If you're not sure that you've registered, please email Sertex Broadband to confirm your status.

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Fiber connections to all properties. Like roads, electricity, water and sewer, broadband is an essential infrastructure for our community to thrive.
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Access & Choice

Fast Internet and phone with multiple pricing options and service tiers from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps with no data usage limits or caps.


Fiber optic cable is well-established technology that delivers light-speed Internet with available speeds and bandwidth to meet all your broadband needs.
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