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About Internet Service Plans

About Internet Service Plans

Get fiber-fast Internet and phone service for a low monthly rate with multiple service tiers from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps with no data usage limits or caps. The Town of New Shoreham establishes all plans and pricing to provide options for customers while recognizing the needs and priorities of the Block Island community.

Internet Service Tiers and What They Deliver

There are no data limit caps for any service tier.

The table below lists the Internet service tiers currently available for subscription and the speed that should be achievable with a capable device cabled directly to the router or connected via the router’s Wi-Fi. All service plan download/upload speeds represent the speed delivered to the BroadbandBI equipment (ONT) at the premises. Devices that are direct connected (via ethernet cable) to the router can generally achieve 98% to 100% of the service plan speeds.

Wi-Fi connection speeds will often be less than the service plan speeds, due to characteristics of the device (age, technology), distance from the router, and environmental factors impacting wireless signals.

  Achievable/Expected Device Internet Speeds
Speed (Down/Up)
and Service Level
Direct Connection to Router
(wired via Ethernet Cable)
Wi-Fi Connection to Router
25/25 - Best Effort 25 / 25 25/25
50/50 - Best Effort 50 / 50 50/50
100/100 - Best Effort 100 / 100 100/100
1G/100 – Best Efforts 980 / 100 650-980 / 100
100/100 - Guaranteed 100 / 100 100 / 100
1G/1G - Guaranteed 980 / 980 650-980 / 100
Note: G represents Gbps (Gigabits per second).  All other values are in Mbps (Megabits per second)


  • If a device doesn’t achieve the speeds listed above when connected to the router’s Wi-Fi, the problem may be with the device.  Older devices and those built with less robust technology (often the case with budget-friendly device models) may not have the capability to achieve the higher speeds.

  • If you don’t achieve the speed test results you expect, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t achieve the performance you need for your internet use.

  • Gigabit (1 Gbps) service, whether guaranteed or best efforts will not necessarily deliver 1Gbps to devices due to overhead associated with the service delivery process from the ONT to the device.

  • If you have multiple devices running concurrently on your network, a speed test on one of them will not reflect the total bandwidth/speed available to all devices.

  • If you think a device is capable and the speed you are achieving doesn’t support your internet use, Crocker support can assist you in determining whether less than expected performance is due to a service delivery issue, router issue or a problem with one or more of your connected devices.

Best Effort and Guaranteed Service

Plans are offered at the industry standard “best effort” and “guaranteed” levels.

With “best effort” service, multiple users in a pre-designated area share a fixed amount of bandwidth. Because BroadbandBI is a carefully designed network, any congestion from shared use will go virtually undetected as it takes milliseconds to complete even 1G transactions in short bursts. Our network partners monitor the performance of each subscriber and adjust service to achieve best effort bandwidth. (Think of bandwidth as traffic flow on a highway – if the road is adequately designed, traffic moves along with no issues at the speed limit or even above.) The Town has set the bar high for best effort service with its vendor partners, Sertex and Crocker.

“Guaranteed service” is typically purchased by high-end users (e.g., businesses with large data transfer needs or mission-critical applications). This service provides the subscriber with a specific amount of bandwidth on the island infrastructure, and with data prioritized on Island this service eliminates potential contention for bandwidth with other island customers. BroadbandBI cannot guarantee service speeds across the entire Internet as Internet is itself a best effort network.

Internet Service Tiers Pricing

No data limit caps for any service levels.

Speed (Down/Up) and Service Level Monthly Total Internet Service TNS Operating and
Maintenance Charge
25/25 - Best Effort $68.95 $24.95 $44.00
50/50 - Best Effort $73.95 $29.95 $44.00
100/100 - Best Effort $83.95 $39.95 $44.00
1G/100 - Best Effort $93.95 $49.95 $44.00
100/100 - Guaranteed, 1 year contract $194.00 $150.00 $44.00
100/100 - Guaranteed, 2 year contract $144.00 $100.00 $44.00
1G/1G - Guaranteed, 1 year contract $1044.00 $1000.00 $44.00
1G/1G - Guaranteed, 2 year contract $844.00 $800.00 $44.00

NOTE: Installation charges are waived for initial subscribers. New customers joining after the network buildout or those who choose to reconnect after disconnection will be assessed the following fees:

  • $39.95 for best effort plans
  • $200.00 for guaranteed plans

Phone Service & Pricing

Includes up to 1000 minutes per month long-distance calling in the contiguous United States (forty-eight states, excludes Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Puerto Rico. Calls to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are considered international calls. Phone service includes voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID and call waiting. Business telephone services are also available.

Service Monthly with or without 1 or 2 year contract TNS Operating & Maintenance Charge Long Distance Rate per Minute (Standard International) Installation Price (Late or Reconnect Only1.)
Voice with Internet Bundle $19.95 n/a $0.02990 $39.95

1. Installation is waived for initial subscribers. Installation price applies to new customers joining after the build or those who choose to reconnect after disconnection.

Seasonal Service Options

BroadbandBI does not offer a designated “seasonal” service plan. We recommend seasonal customers drop down to the minimal 25/25 Mbps service plan during the off-season to enable any internet-enabled “smart” devices (such as smart thermostats, video doorbells, fire/burglar alarm monitoring systems, and others) to continue to function and enable off-site home or business monitoring.

If a customer chooses to disconnect service entirely during the off-season, a $39.95 service reconnect service charge will apply for Best Effort service plans and $200.00 for Guaranteed contract plans. This assumes that a successful reconnect can be performed remotely by Crocker. If a technician visit to the property is necessary to perform a reconnect, additional service charges including labor and site visit will apply. Since the service has not been continuously monitored for performance during the disconnect period, remote reconnect cannot be guaranteed.

For customers with Crocker telephone service, the assigned telephone number will be lost upon disconnection of service.

Future policy and pricing changes possible

After the summer 2023 season the Town/BroadbandBI will review seasonal disconnect activity and its financial impacts as well as the needs and requests of the community. It is likely that there will be changes to the policies and/or pricing around seasonal disconnect/reconnects as a result of this analysis. Any changes would likely become effective July 1, 2024; community participation is encouraged.

What Service Should I Choose?

Click here to view/download a PDF with examples of subscriber service and pricing choices, and the internet uses typically associated with each.

Click here to read a Sertex blog article on assessing internet speed requirements.

Click here to view the website FAQs Section 8: Internet Service Speed.

Additional Pricing

Fiber Service Connection

NOTE: Charges were waived for property owners that registered for a fiber drop to an existing primary structure. New customers joining after the network buildout will bear the cost of the fiber connection.

Fiber connection to the exterior of the premises (NID), including any underground drop construction required. These charges will be quoted based on property review and/or a site survey if underground construction is required. If environmental or other permitting is required, the cost will be borne by the property owner.

Interior Equipment Installation and Service Activation

NOTE: Charges for a Standard Installation are waived for property owners that registered for a fiber drop to an existing primary structure. New customers joining after the network buildout will be bear the cost of the interior equipment installation and service activation.

Costs for a standard interior subscription service installation and activation include:

Interior Install ItemDescriptionCost
Optical Network Terminal (ONT) (Internet only Subscription)This device converts between fiber (optical) signals from exterior NID to electrical signals (e.g. ethernet). The ONT and a power supply are mounted inside a protective enclosure.$108.00
Optical Network Terminal (ONT) (Internet & Phone service Subscription)Same as above.$132.00
ONT Protective EnclosureRecommended.$32.00
Wi-Fi Router
SRG 834-5
Enables direct cabled (ethernet, landline phone) and Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the internet.$148.00
Installation Materials and Labor, including up to 50’ of interior cablingIncludes installation of the ONT and router within the customer premise, fiber jumper from NID to ONT, CAT 6e ethernet patch cable from ONT to router.$430.00

Some properties and premises may have installation requirements that exceed the standard installation.  Additional items may be necessary to accommodate building characteristics and/or subscriber’s desired equipment location.  These will be discussed with the subscriber at the time of installation, along with the applicable charges.  Optional items are also available for purchase at subscriber request.  

For all custom installation items, payment is required at the time of purchase.  Credit card payment only is accepted, no cash or checks. 

Custom Install Item Item DescriptionInstalled Cost
(Tax not included)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – Battery BackupProvides protection against power surges and backup battery power in the event of a power outage (highly recommended for VOIP phone service).$163.75
Router Wall Mount KitIf customer would like router to be wall mounted.$58.35
Ruggedized Jumper (over standard 50 ft installation):A jumper may be needed if the ONT and Router are placed at a different location away from the exterior NID, and a jumper greater than 50 ft (included in standard install) is required. 
75 ft. Jumper $127.50
100 ft. Jumper $210.00
150 ft. Jumper $304.50
200 ft. Jumper $385.00
Wi-Fi Range ExtenderIf Wi-Fi speed is not optimal in desired locations at a  distance from the router, a Wi-Fi range extender can be installed.$215.50
Tie-in of phone service to existing wiring/jacks - at time of install*Subscriber would like new phone service tied into existing phone lines/jacks throughout the premises. For phone service with a new phone number only.$58.75
Tie-in of phone service to existing wiring jacks – after new phone number activationSubscriber would like new phone service tied into existing phone lines/jacks throughout the premises.  This cannot be done until after phone number transfer is complete. This requires a separate installation appointment.$295.00  
Install single CAT 6 up to 50 ft - at time of installation*Subscriber needs a new hardwired network connection installed in the premises (e.g., if ONT and router are to be installed in different areas.$205.00
Install single Cat 6 up to 50 ft - return tripSubscriber needs a new hardwired network/phone connection installed in the premises (e.g., if ONT and router are to be installed in different areas.$340.00
*  Phone and/or network (CAT 6) installation at time of install is dependent on time availability during the installation appointment.

Commercial installations having multiple dwelling units and/or more complex installation requirements may require a site visit and preparation of a quote prior to installation.  Installations for 1Gb/1Gb Guaranteed service will require non-standard (XPS PON) ONT equipment which will be quoted in advance of installation.

A rescheduling fee of $135.00 will be charged to customers that do not provide at least two (2) business days’ notice of the need to reschedule a service installation appointment.

Hospitality/Resale Pricing

A Hospitality option for businesses reselling internet to customers (such as hotels, marinas) will be priced as follows:

  • A charge of $100 per month for a resale fee.
  • During the season (defined as when hospitality is open for customer business), hospitality will be charged a monthly fee of $10 per room or if marina then $10 per licensed boat slip.
  • The $10 monthly fees will be suspended when the facility is closed during the off-season (defined as when hospitality is not open for customer business).
Other Fees & Charges

Additional e-mail address: $54 per year
Late Fee: TBD
Returned Payment: TBD
Interest on unpaid balances: Up to 18.00%
Equipment Return Charge: TBD

IP Addresses
Static IP: $5.00 per month
IP4 – 4 Addresses: $20.00 per month
IP8 – 8 Addresses: $30.00 per month
IP16 – 16 Addresses: $40.00 per month
IP32 – 32 Addresses: $60.00 per month
IP64 – 64 Addresses: $90.00 per month
IP128 – 128 Addresses: $128.00 per month
IP256 – 256 Addresses: $256.00 per month

Affordable Connectivity Program

Crocker will submit request to the FCC for entry into the ACP. If approved Crocker will inform customers on how to apply for ACP discounts. Click here to learn more.

A Note About Future Services & Pricing Models

When identifying a partner to operate and provide service over the Town’s network, it was important for the Town to retain a level of control and flexibility over pricing and service structures. Customers of the network have a variety of needs and the community may wish to distribute costs across service levels in a different manner. The Town, Crocker and Sertex may work together over the duration of the partnership to modify service offerings and pricing structures where appropriate in order to best reflect the priorities of the island community and the customer base. Some pricing was established by contract through the RFP process; other pricing (particularly the Town O&M charge) is set by the Town. Ongoing annual budgeting and rate setting for BroadbandBI will be a public process and community participation is encouraged.

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