Ensuring Optimal Performance Through Regular Network Maintenance


August 17, 2023

Ensuring Optimal Performance Through Regular Network Maintenance

All Fiber Service Areas are now open and accepting applications and Sertex crews are working through the summer connecting customers to high-speed internet. Now that the network is activated, BroadbandBI performs regular network updates for optimal performance of internet and voice services. 

Scheduled Weekly Network Maintenance Windows:
Thursdays 12:00 am - 4:00 am
Sundays 12:00 am - 4:00 am

Planned maintenance is scheduled to minimize service impact; however, brief service disruptions may occur. When more significant service outages are necessary, prior notification will be provided. Customers may wish to schedule their own planned maintenance or system backups accordingly.

Emergency Maintenance/Unexpected Outages

Our priority is to troubleshoot and resolve service issues as quickly as possible.  When emergency maintenance or an unanticipated outage occurs, we will attempt to notify affected customers using their personal contact information, by posting on the Block Island Bulletin Board, and providing an outgoing message on Crocker’s customer service phone system.

Subscriber Service Restoration After Maintenance

If you detect an outage immediately following planned or emergency maintenance, please reboot your router (see Help Desk for detailed instructions) by disconnecting power to the router for 30 seconds then restoring power.  (Do not press the recessed RESET pin on the router. A RESET will restore the router to factory settings and lead to loss of configuration and connectivity to the BroadbandBI network.)

If you experience a voice outage, reboot your ONT (see Help Desk for detailed instructions). If rebooting fails, please report the issue to Crocker support at 833-952-5625. 

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions that were not covered in this update or on the website Help Center or FAQ. Please email Sertex customer service with your name and fire number.

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