A Peek at BroadbandBI In-Home Equipment


October 31, 2022

A display of equipment used to activate BroadbandBI service is now available for viewing at Town Hall. This display illustrates a representative exterior and interior installation using actual devices in a typical wall-mount configuration. (Desktop equipment installation is also an option for in-home equipment.)

  • Exterior A small gray plastic clamshell (left) called the Network Interface Device or NID, is mounted outside the premises in the same area where existing utilities connect to the property. When Sertex crews arrive to install interior equipment, the fiber cable is drawn from the NID through the exterior wall to the inside of the premises.
  • Interior In-home equipment includes an Optical Network Device or ONT (lower right) and a wireless router (upper right). These two devices are generally placed near each other and optimally located in a central spot so the wireless signals can reach throughout the building. The router transmits the broadband signal throughout the premises and allows residents to connect wireless-enabled devices to the Internet. Devices may also be connected directly to the router via ethernet cabling (e.g., CAT 5 or CAT 6).

Variables like the building size, wall thickness, electrical outlet locations, location of existing electronic equipment, and aesthetics can be considered when deciding where to install network electronics. Sertex technicians are trained to work with property owners to find the best placement.

A standard installation includes the NID, ONT and wireless router, up to 50 feet of cabling between the NID and the ONT and a 6 foot cable between the ONT and wireless router.  For a charge, Sertex technicians can provide extended cabling lengths, router wall mount, UPS (uninterrupted power supply or battery backup) and other accessory items, charging the customer at the time of installation.


Network subscriptions are not yet open, and equipment installations are not yet being scheduled. There is no further action that Block Islanders who have registered their property need to take at this time.

Subscriptions will open by Fiber Service Area (FSA) in coming weeks. As each FSA opens, property owners in that FSA will be sent an email alert about next steps to take. 

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about BroadbandBI network construction or your installation, please email Sertex customer service with your name and fire number at Sertex customer service.

Thank you for your support and patience
throughout this complex, multi-phase project.

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