Buildout Moves Forward… Subscriptions to Come in Late 2021


July 14, 2021

We anticipate opening subscriptions for Internet service in late 2021. When it’s time to sign up, you’ll receive official communications with instructions on how to subscribe. These communications will come through, via emails from, shared on the Block Island Bulletin Board, and posted on Sertex Broadband social media. Please know that we will not request personal or financial information in our communications.

Always remain vigilant - be alert for scammers and fraudsters with fake offers to sign up for high speed internet. The real BroadbandBI is coming! Until it does, please don’t give your personal information to an imposter.

If you have any broadband-related questions or concerns, check the website or send an email to Sertex customer service.

During these busy summer months…

Please ensure the safety of hard-working Sertex and local utility crews this summer by:

  • keeping a safe distance from construction crews and equipment;
  • following the requested travel path indicated by cones, arrows, flags or flaggers;
  • slowing down, paying attention, and being alert around construction sites;
  • being patient and expecting some delays.

If you own rental property or a business, please share information on broadband construction with your customers or guests.

Reminder: Flags or temporary paint mark the path fiber conduit will take through individual properties, and the location of potentially hazardous utilities. These flags must remain in place until Sertex crews complete their work at a property, which may take about 4 to 6 weeks. If crews suspect that flags have been moved, local utilities must be asked to return to re-mark the paths of their lines. This can delay installation of your conduit.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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