Customer Experience Testing Underway


March 9, 2023

A small group of pre-selected households has begun testing BroadbandBI’s online subscription process, on-premises equipment installation process, and the fiber internet service. Testing will continue over the coming weeks to ensure the customer experience is as smooth as it can be. Thank you for your patience during this critical phase.

BroadbandBI Website Enhancements

The website has been updated with new content and functionality to support broadband service subscriptions. Currently, the only Fiber Service Area (FSA) open for subscriptions is FSA TEST. Please be patient – additional FSAs will open as soon as testing is completed.

Once testing is completed, the website will be updated to show open FSAs. Property owners in each open FSA will receive an automated email from with a link to subscribe. Before submitting a subscription application, owners should verify that the BroadbandBI Location ID, located in the Street Number field of the pre-populated service application, is correct for the location where they want service installed. This is particularly important for owners who registered multiple locations, have multiple connected structures on a single parcel (not all having a unique Fire # assigned), or have multiple connections within a building. Owners with tenants in any location should forward the email received to their appropriate tenant. The Broadband ID Lookup Map is available to every property owner, and ensures you have the correct ID for the fiber location where you want broadband service delivered.

We invite Block Island residents and businesses to explore the new website, particularly in the FAQ and Help Center sections, to learn important network information.

The internet service plans page contains pricing details, and FAQ Section 8 lists the questions to consider when choosing the best internet speed for your needs.

Thank you for your support and patience
throughout this complex, multi-phase project.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions that were not covered in this update or on the website FAQ, please email Sertex customer service with your name and fire number.

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