Testing the Fiber Network


December 17, 2022

To ensure a seamless BroadbandBI customer experience, a small group of Block Islanders have agreed to serve in coming weeks as test households to evaluate network communications and operations. The BroadbandBI team will use their feedback to make the sign up and installation process as smooth as possible when the network opens to all.

These testers will provide feedback on the online subscription process, website content, the equipment installation experience, and interaction with ISP Crocker Communications and network operator Sertex.


In early 2023, the BroadbandBI.com website will open online subscriptions exclusively for the test group. When the new website launches, Block Islanders will be able to visit it to learn about available service plans and pricing, get answers to a range of new Frequently Asked Questions, and find the best ways to contact Crocker Communications and Sertex. Online subscriptions will open as FSAs are activated.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about BroadbandBI network construction or your installation, please email Sertex customer service with your name and fire number.

Thank you for your support and patience
throughout this complex, multi-phase project.

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