Construction Resumes; Subscriptions and Service To Begin


August 29, 2022

The upcoming Labor Day holiday signals the end of summer crowds and the resumption of aerial and underground construction activities on the island. Throughout the busy summer months, Sertex crews focused on installing conduit and fiber drops to homes and businesses.

BroadbandBI is now entering a phase of transition from construction in the five completed fiber service areas (FSAs) to subscription and service. Once network testing is completed, people living and working in FSAs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 will be able to visit the BroadbandBI website to subscribe for service, and schedule installation of the equipment needed for their fiber connection. These first FSAs will go live as construction continues in the remaining six fiber service areas.

Click on this link to locate your FSA

When envisioning a network back in 2017, the community defined success as affordability, reliability, excellent performance, and a satisfying customer service experience. Rhode Island’s first municipal broadband network is designed to deliver faster speeds, offer better customer experiences, and be more responsive to its community’s needs than services offered on the mainland. 

Pricing and Service Levels

Network pricing and speed are designed to accommodate a broad range of user needs. Subscribers can choose from two service levels: “best effort” and “guaranteed.” The more expensive, guaranteed service is typically purchased by high-end users (e.g., businesses with large data transfer needs or mission-critical applications). Best effort service is most appropriate for household users and families, and pricing is highly competitive with mainland internet service providers offering fiber and non-fiber connections.

Related to speed, the federal government is in the process of redefining the minimum national standards for broadband, with the FCC considering replacing its 25/3Mbps standard with 100/20Mbps. While BroadbandBI’s 25/25 and 50/50 service tier offerings fall below the evolving threshold, they are entry-level offerings that will allow subscribers to upgrade as needed. The 100/100 and 1G/1G tiers exceed current and contemplated benchmarks and all tiers offer symmetrical service. As a network, BroadbandBI’s offerings will evolve and change over time as subscriber needs and technology mature.

Many property owners have asked if seasonal rates will be available. BroadbandBI’s simple subscription rate structure offers the lowest monthly pricing to all customers, with a reconnect charge applicable for subscribers who opt to disconnect seasonally.

The website will be updated in the coming weeks and will feature expanded educational content. The ability to subscribe for service on the site will roll out gradually as FSAs are connected and service goes live.

The Town and its vendor partners are confident subscribers will be highly satisfied with their BroadbandBI experience - including high speed internet and voice, and the ability to stream video services. BroadbandBI and its vendor partners - Mission Broadband, Sertex Broadband Solutions, Crocker Communications, and OSHEAN - are committed to living up to the expectations of the Block Island community. 

Important Property Registration Information

If you haven’t already registered your property for one or more fiber drops, please visit the BroadbandBI website ASAP to register.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about Block Island Broadband network project construction or your installation, please email Sertex customer service at Sertex customer service.

Thank you for your support and patience throughout this complex,
multi-phase construction and implementation project.

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