A Productive Spring


June 16, 2022

A Productive Spring

As spring ends and summer begins, construction efforts in areas of the island are close to complete. The Fiber Service Areas (FSAs H1001 – H1011) closest to completion are 1 (H1001), 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8. Service activation for these FSAs is anticipated to begin in the late summer months.

Underground mainline and aerial construction will pause from mid-June through Labor Day. Throughout the summer months, Sertex conduit crews will continue meeting with property owners and installing conduit to homes and businesses, and fiber cable drops from the road to premises. To date, Sertex has met with more than 1000 property owners to conduct site surveys, and has installed more than 800 conduits and 200 cable drops to homes and businesses.

For more information, an up-to-date project schedule is available on the BroadbandBI website.

How will BroadbandBI Operate?

The BroadbandBI fiber broadband network is owned by the Town of New Shoreham and built and operated in partnership with our vendors – Sertex Broadband Solutions for network construction and operations, and Crocker Communications as the internet service provider. The Town will manage and direct costs and services, and Sertex and Crocker will operate and maintain the network and its mainland connections under contracts with the Town.  A third vendor, OSHEAN, provides the data transport services required to deliver fiber internet service to the island. While critical, their services will generally be invisible to subscribers.

The Town of New Shoreham is currently finalizing its contracts and operating procedures with Sertex and Crocker, a step that is incredibly important to the successful operation of the island-wide network. As the first community in Rhode Island to build a municipally-owned fiber broadband network, the Town is reviewing and addressing many operational details during contract discussions and negotiations. Town representatives are working hard to get the details just right to ensure a high-quality experience for subscribers.

At this time, the Town, Sertex, Crocker and OSHEAN are preparing to activate and test network electronics. Work is also underway to prepare broadbandbi.com for subscribers in designated FSAs (property owners and renters) to submit applications for broadband services at their registered locations.

Extended Property Registration Deadline

The Town has extended the registration deadline beyond April 30th. If you haven’t already registered your property for one or more fiber drops, please register ASAP.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about the Block Island Broadband network project or your installation, please email Sertex customer service.

Thank you for your support and patience throughout this complex,
multi-phase construction and implementation project.

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