Testing and Fiber Connections Continue


February 1, 2023

Testing of core network equipment and data/voice traffic flow - including critical E911 call routing - is underway. With the BroadbandBI voice service option, E911 call routing offers exceptional resiliency to ensure calls and location information are received at the public safety dispatch center even if the subsea cable and the Town’s microwave system are unavailable.

Customer experience testing with a small group of test households is expected to begin soon. Meanwhile, Sertex construction crews have shifted focus from network construction to connecting all remaining registered homes and businesses to the network. Properties with an underground drop have (or will soon have) a small gray box called a NID or Network Interface Device on the building’s exterior. Properties with an aerial drop may receive their NID when their service is activated. If you are already registered or already have a NID installed, no further action is required.

Interior equipment installations and service activations will begin once testing is completed and the updated BroadbandBI.com website launches, allowing online subscriptions. At that time, owners in open Fiber Service Areas (FSAs) who previously registered their properties will receive an email alert that it’s time to subscribe. The email will include a link to a pre-populated subscription service application. If applicable, the property owner may forward the email to any tenants or renters.

Once an application is submitted and reviewed, and any prerequisites completed (such as permitting, site survey, conduit installation), Sertex will reach out directly to subscribers to make appointments for interior equipment installation. Until this time, no further action is required by registered property owners or tenants.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about BroadbandBI network construction or installations that were not covered in this update, please email Sertex customer service with your name and fire number.

Thank you for your support and patience
throughout this complex, multi-phase project.

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