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Keeping this Summer Safe


May 25, 2021

Summer is almost here and Sertex crews are busy installing conduit, primarily on private property and along private roads.  Sertex will commence construction on major roadways after the busy summer season. In addition to Sertex construction work, pole make ready work by local utilities will continue across the island this summer and is a critical step in network construction. 

There are many things that Island residents and visitors can do to ensure the safety of hard-working Sertex and utility crews this summer. Whether walking, cycling, or driving a car or moped, everyone can:

  • keep a safe distance from work crews and equipment;
  • follow the requested travel path indicated by cones, arrows, flags or flaggers;
  • slow down, pay attention and be alert when approaching and passing work sites;
  • be patient and expect some delays.

A safe work environment will keep construction progress moving ahead as much as possible during these busy summer months. Building a fiber-to-the-premises network is a complex, multi-phase process. You can learn more about the steps it takes to build a fiber network by clicking this link.  

If you rent your home or own a business, please share information on the broadband construction with your customers or guests and ask them to proceed carefully during their visit to Block Island.

Urgent Flag Update: Respect the Marks

Sertex and utility providers are visiting properties throughout the island to mark 1) the path fiber conduit will take through your property and 2) the location of potentially hazardous utilities including electric, sewer and water. These locations are marked with either flags or temporary paint to ensure a safe construction environment for you and Sertex construction crews. It is critical that these flags remain in place until Sertex crews complete their work at your property. Sertex crews are the only people authorized to remove or move Dig Safe and Sertex flags. The timeframe from Sertex’s initial site visit to completion of the drop construction and removal of flags will be approximately 4-6 weeks.

If Sertex crews suspect that flags have been moved, Dig Safe will need to return to the property to re-mark utilities. This may delay installation of your fiber conduit. If you have questions, please send an email to Sertex customer service.

Broadband Deployment Schedule Update

Click here for a high-level overview of the current broadband deployment schedule. We anticipate customer service activation beginning in December of this year and continuing through next winter, spring and summer. Permit approvals, equipment procurement, and network construction are underway.  This schedule reflects best estimates for activities outside the control of the Town or Sertex, including permit approvals for underground construction, Verizon licensing needed to attach fiber to the poles, and possible supply chain disruptions. 

To hear further discussion, join the New Shoreham Broadband Committee at its meeting on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 3pm.  If you have additional questions, please email

Thanks for your patience and support!

If you have any broadband-related questions or concerns, please send an email Sertex customer service.

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