As Summer Winds Down, Network Buildout Ramps Up


September 1, 2021

As the busy, crowded summer season comes to a close, Sertex continues to make strides in building the Block Island Broadband network. Throughout the summer and into the fall, Sertex crews are reaching out to residential property owners to plan underground paths and install conduit.

Permit approvals from environmental authorities, the State Department of Transportation, and Verizon are ongoing. Once permitting is in place, Sertex will begin the process of aerial and underground fiber construction. The Town and Sertex anticipate that customer installations could begin as early as December and expect them to continue through the spring and summer months of 2022.

Connecting with Businesses and Multi-Dwelling Units

Sertex is meeting with owners of business properties to plan the fiber networks that will support multiple business tenants. Review of multi-dwelling units, such as mixed-use buildings and condominiums, has also begun to ensure all parties get the best possible broadband service to meet their needs. These efforts will continue over the next few months as Sertex performs a thorough review of each property and converses with property owners to discuss their specific business requirements.

Click here to view the latest deployment schedule for the project. This timeline reflects best estimates for activities beyond the control of Sertex or the Town, such as permitting, pole licensing, and possible supply chain disruptions. The schedule will continue to be updated as the project moves forward and more information is available.

Celebrating Block Island

To celebrate the progress to date in building the Block Island fiber network and show appreciation to the Island community for their patience and support, Sertex sponsored the August 11 Blues on the Block concert at the Fred Benson Beach Pavilion. An Island favorite, this family-friendly public concert was well-attended by residents and visitors. Area Blues band Johnnie and The East Coast Rockers performed music, and BI resident and musician Jimmy Murray was the emcee. Thank you to the Block Island Chamber and all who contributed to making this fun-filled event a success!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Block Island Broadband network project, please email Sertex customer service. You can also find a wealth of project information on, including answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQs page, information about the different project phases on the Fiber Network page, and preliminary subscription pricing on the Pricing page.

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